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Perfect-It 8" Ultrafine Foam Polishing Pad
Foam pad helps eliminate swirl marks on painted surfaces, even on difficult dark colored cars. Use this pad with Ultrafina™ SE (PN 06068 or 06069). as a paint finishing step after swirl mark remover. Wipe haze with Detail Cloth. $24.91
33274 8" Yellow Foam Compounding Pad
Yellow convoluted foam buffing pad.Designed to refine sand scratches. For use with 3M™ Compounds. $22.40 (2/box)

Finesse-It II Glaze Qt
Designed for use on OEM and fully cured automotive paints. Can remove grade microfine 1500 sand scatches. Removes swirl marks after compounding while leaving a glazed finish. VOC content less than 17%.


Perfect-It III Finishing Glaze Qt
New final glaze that provides durable, silicone-free protection for a 3M™ Perfect-It™ III finish. $24.50
05738 Perfect-It Foam Polishing Pad Glaze Dark Qt
Uniquely formulated to remove compound swirl marks. Contains no waxes or silicones. Best for dark colored paint finishes. Less clean up required. $44.15
Premium Liquid Wax
Clear coat safe wax. Use on all cured paint finishes. For use by hand or with an orbital polisher. Produces a high-gloss, deep-luster, durable finish on both new and used car paints. $20.66

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