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Sea Chest Part #
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Sea Chest Price
9x11 100C Wet or Dry Sheet
Used for wet or dry sanding, shaping plastic filler, removing paint around damaged area and scratch refinement of bare metal. $1.34
86472 6" Gold Stikit Disc 180gr
Aggressive, sharp, fast cutting and long lasting. Resists loading and the pressure-sensitive adhesive ensures excellent adhesion to 3M™ Stikit™ pads. Excellent for gelcoat, wood and plastic applications. $.55

02017 9x11 240A Wet or Dry Sheet 3-M02006
Used in wet sanding, finest grade available for rough featheredging. $1.18
4.5x7/8 24gr Fibre Disc
An aluminum oxide disc constructed on a fibre backing. Grade: 24. Primary market: metalworking. $2.66
81373 7x7/8 36gr Fibre Disc
An aluminum oxide disc constructed on a fibre backing. Grade: 36. Primary market: metalworking. $2.96
02022 5.5x9 Imperial Wet or Dry #1200
Levels orange peel, dust nibs or paint runs in all types of paints and is appropriate for light sanding on refinish lacquer. 3Ms fastest cutting, longest lasting abrasive for saving labor costs and improving quality. Suggested hand sanding pad 05530. $.83

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